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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Sorry...But That's It For Now Folks!

Due to recent events I have regrettably  taken the decision to stop publicising the presence of any scarce/rare species at The Swannery, at least until we reopen in March.

In the last few weeks there have been repeated incursions on to private parts of the reserve in and around The Swannery, by a small minority of birders wanting to see (or getter better views of) the recent run of good birds. This despite most, if not all of these birds, being viewable, albeit distantly from public rights of way. 

By 'putting the news out' I feel I am encouraging these infringements and I know some of my colleague's on the reserve have long been uncomfortable with the open policy regarding rare sightings, that I have tried to maintain in recent years, due to the sadly inevitable problems this brings.

Therefore this makes my weekly round-up of sightings on this blog completely untenable. 

My apologies to the vast majority of birders who behave impeccably during their visits to the reserve and to my birding and non-birding readers too, thank you for your support.

I hope to post a 2014 review in the new year if this is practically possible and, as I have already alluded to, I may restart the weekly postings once we reopen (although as some of the worst incursions in the past have happened while we are open this may have to be reviewed).

I have greatly enjoyed compiling these posts over the last three years and I hope you have enjoyed reading them. 


Steve Groves.


  1. Such a shame Steve but once again it's a case of the few spoiling it for the many. I always enjoy keeping up with your news but I can see why you have decided to change things.
    Enjoy your birding.

    Dave C.

    1. Cheers Dave. You know of course if you ever want to know what's about you can just give me a ring.


  2. Fully understand the reasons Steve, and agree with Dave C's comments above. I look forward to when you hopefully start your weekly sightings again as it's a great aid to learning for a novice birder like me.
    All the best
    Matt P

    1. Cheers Matt. Yes it's a shame that a few irresponsible people have spoilt it for others. I'm sure I'll still do the odd post and hopefully start the weekly sightings again in the spring. In the meantime enjoy your birding!


  3. What a shame, Steve. I have enjoyed keeping an eye on the Swannery from afar, thanks to your blog. Hope you can start it up again later.